Utah Tree-Planting Guide to Celebrate Arbor Day

For expert Utah tree-planting advice, you need look no further than the certified arborists at Reliable Tree Care. National Arbor Day falls on April 27 this year, which makes this month an ideal time to consider adding a few new trees to your Utah landscape.

Utah Tree Planting Guide to Celebrate Arbor Day

Planting Balled and Burlapped Trees

New landscaping trees often come with their roots wrapped in a burlapped ball. To plant a tree that’s balled and burlapped, follow these steps:

  • Dig a saucer-shaped hole that’s two or three times as wide and deep as the root ball, taking care not to disturb the soil at the bottom
  • Lift the tree by the root ball — not the trunk — and place it in the hole.
  • Use wire cutters to remove the basket, rope and twine, then cut away the excess burlap.
  • Vinyl or treated burlap must be removed completely, but regular burlap under the root ball will break down on its own over time.
  • Pack soil around the root ball, give it a good watering and apply mulch.

Planting Containerized Trees

Some new trees come in pots or containers. To plant containerized trees, follow these steps:

  • Dig a hole that’s three or four times the width and depth of the container, making sure the sides are sloped.
  • Carefully remove the tree from the container and check the roots. Trees that are root-bound need strategic cuts at the bottom and sides of the root ball.
  • Set the tree in the hole, firmly pack the soil, then water and add mulch.

Planting Bare-Root Trees

Be careful with bare-root landscaping trees, as their roots cannot be allowed to dry out. To plant trees with bare roots, follow these steps:

  • Unpack the tree, untangle the roots and soak them for three to six hours.
  • Dig a hole that’s wider than what the roots seem to need and remove any grass within 3 feet of the hole.
  • Plant the tree, partially filling the hole with soil and packing it around the lower roots.
  • Shovel in more soil and pack it down firmly, then water and spread mulch.

Tips for Tree-Planting Success

Whenever possible, plant native Utah trees. Species that aren’t normally found in the Intermountain West region often require extra water, fertilizer and specialized treatment in order to thrive.

To give your trees the best chance of success, consider these planting tips:

  • Think about location carefully. Don’t settle on a spot for tree planting without considering future growth.
  • Create the ideal soil conditions. Do a soil test before planting trees and add any necessary amendments to make for a more hospitable soil environment.
  • Have a plan for watering. Different species of trees have different water needs, so make a plan to meet those needs before tree planting. A drip system is the easiest and most effective way, but if you plan to water by hand, make sure to do it consistently.

For professional advice and assistance with tree planting, call on the certified local arborist team at Reliable Tree Care. Serving the greater Salt Lake City area for more than 20 years, we have the skill, knowledge and experience to optimize the health of your new landscaping trees.

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