What Makes Tree Removal Dangerous?

Tree Removal

How difficult can tree removal be, especially if the tree is far from any homes or structures?

It’s much more treacherous than you think, which is why only a professional tree removal specialist should handle this task!

For starters, homes and structures are just one part of the equation — don’t forget about power lines. There’s a good chance that the tree you’re removing is near a power line (otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be bothering to remove it at all). You should always assume wires are live.

If any part of the process, from you to the tree or the tools, touches the power line, you could take out power in your entire neighborhood — and that’s the best-case scenario.

Electrocution is a very real risk that tree removal workers face every day. Some homeowners have heard the old wives’ tale that power lines with a black coating are insulated and won’t electrocute you. This is false. That black coating is actually just weatherproofing so the power lines keep working in snow, rain and sleet.

There’s absolutely no electrocution-proofing with weather-proofed lines. You don’t want to learn this the hard way.

The Right Tools

No regular homeowner has the necessary equipment to remove a tree. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures that professionals have special gear to keep them safe.

Plus, these experts also have been well-trained in how to use the tools, from cranes and wood chippers to ropes and chain saws. Workers begin by apprenticing, learning firsthand from a seasoned removal expert how to fall a tree. It takes months and sometimes years of strategic exposure and practice to be able to do this safely.

Decayed trees are even more dangerous, partly because you can’t always tell if they are decayed, and if so, how severe it is.

A decayed tree can be incredibly unstable, which is why even the best pros may use a crane. If you suspect a tree is decaying, tell the tree removal expert when he or she comes for the initial inspection.

Decayed trees can collapse seemingly out of nowhere, so call a professional right away if you’re suspicious. Trees have intensive biological processes, including the decay process, and best practices need to be used for this type of removal.

You Can’t Fight Gravity

Even a tree that seems relatively small can wreak havoc if it’s felled improperly. Gravity takes over. When a tree starts to fall, it’s going to continue on that path no matter what. Non-pros might try to encourage a tree to fall in a certain direction with ropes and indents, but there’s always the chance that something can go awry.

A lack of judgment and skill or the use of inadequate tools can lead to a tree falling on a person, home or power line. It’s never worth the risk. Call Reliable Tree Care today for fast, safe and affordable tree removal services.