5 Tree Removal & Pruning “Don’ts”

For tree removal and major pruning, you need knowledge, experience and the right tools for the job.

No doubt you’ve seen news reports of even experienced tree service professionals being seriously injured or even killed while tackling a large job.

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If you elect to undertake a project of this nature, use common sense to avoid injury and property damage.

No. 1: Don’t Use a Ladder for Tree Removal or Major Pruning

Ladders are dangerous enough for simple household tasks like changing light bulbs and removing cobwebs. Trying to cut large limbs or saw sections of tree trunk while standing on a ladder is asking for trouble.

Ladders move too easily, and the ground below is rarely level or stable enough to support your weight while moving around and using tools. Besides, most do-it-yourself tree trimmers don’t have a tall enough ladder for the job. Consequently, they end up perched on the top “not a step” step — usually just before they hit the ground.

No. 2: Don’t Prune or Remove a Tree Near Utility Lines

Utility wires, including electricity, telephone and cable TV, can be a source of trouble when pruning or removing trees.

At best, you may accidentally bring down a wire, leaving your neighborhood without utility service. Worst case, you run the risk of becoming entangled in high-voltage power lines.

And if you attempt to remove a stump, consider whether underground utility lines, including gas, power and sewer, are located nearby. Tree roots can easily become intertwined with underground cables and pipes.

No. 3: Don’t Tackle Tree Removal in Bad Weather

Our northern Utah climate can dish out weather conditions that make tree removal or pruning a dangerous pursuit.

Wind, rain and snow can easily cause you to fall. Even more dangerous, lightning can strike the tree, your ladder or your tools. If you must work on your trees, do so on a clear day with little or no wind. If you see storms brewing, don’t try to race Mother Nature. Go inside and try again on the next nice day.

No. 4: Don’t Make Tree Removal a Spectator Sport

There’s nothing quite like cutting down a huge tree — or pulling a suborn stump — to bring out the neighbors. In fact, given the chance, your neighbors are likely to pull up a lawn chair and watch the fun. Likewise, your family and friends will be naturally curious.

As you might imagine, this is an accident waiting to happen. Don’t allow anyone near your tree removal project, lest a large branch (or the entire tree itself) come down and injure someone.

No. 5: Don’t Try to Remove a Tree Yourself

Many homeowners are tempted to try tree or stump removal themselves to save a little money. But when you consider the risk of property damage and injury, they don’t outweigh the potential savings.

Instead, trust this dangerous job to a professional.

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