Spring Tree Service Tips

Spring Tree Service Tips

Spring is right around the corner, and your tree service appointment is likely on your mind. It might seem that if your trees are mature and haven’t had any major problems, they’re self-sufficient.

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

They might be low maintenance, but no tree is zero maintenance. Healthy trees don’t just grow on trees, and spring is the perfect time to get your landscaping off to a great start.

Your trees and shrubs need spring cleaning, too. If your holiday lights are still up in your trees, take them down. Leaving strands wrapped around trees can cause damage over time, including stunting a tree’s growth.

If you have winter wraps for protection, it might be time to remove them. This depends on where you live and if winter is truly over!

Sitting Pretty

Trees will have piles of debris sitting beneath them from the winter, like fruits and twigs. Rake these up, especially if you have any trees vulnerable to fungal disease. This most commonly happens with pines and crab apple trees (you don’t want to risk apple scab).

Once the area around your trees is clean and tidy, it’s time for a mulch layer. This helps soil stay moist and discourages weed growth. Younger trees need it more, but older trees also appreciate it.

When putting down mulch, ballpark a 3-inch layer all around the tree — but don’t let it actually touch the trunk. Leave a 1-inch gap (at least) between the tree trunk and the mulch, otherwise you risk diseases, since mulch retains heat and moisture (a breeding ground for infectious agents).

March in Like a Lion

Spring is often the wet season around the United States, but your trees may need more water than what nature provides. Wait until the soil is no longer frozen, then water trees deeply if de-icer was used near them.

Double-check your sprinkler, and make sure the lines and emitters are clean. Puddles around trees are a sign that the sprinkler head needs adjusting. Don’t spray directly on foliage, or you once again risk a fungal disease.

Spring is a great time to deadhead, but leave pruning for the winter. Remove dead or broken branches, and take this time to look closely at the trunks before leaves and flowers pop up. Not sure what to look for, or does this seem too big of a task? Call the experts at Reliable Tree Care for all your tree services this spring.