Tree Pruning Eases Summer Stress

A little tree pruning this summer will go a long way toward helping your trees overcome the stress that summer causes them.

Tree Pruning

Not unlike humans, your trees get stressed in the heat of the season. But summer can cause some other problems you may not even be aware of, and you can help offset a lot of these stressors.

For the tree pruning part of the equation, you’ll need a qualified Utah arborist.

What Stresses Your Trees During the Summer?

As we’ve already mentioned, temperature extremes — particularly on the high side — can stress your Utah shade, ornamental and fruit trees. The heat prompts the plant to move as many resources as possible to the leaves, in an attempt to reduce scorch.

Summer storms can bring high winds. But even if they don’t break limbs, winds can cause unseen damage to your tree’s body and root system. Summertime can also wreak havoc on the water table, especially during drought and near-drought conditions.

And while you might not notice any change in the water table, your trees certainly do, because it affects soil moisture significantly. Summer projects around the home, like building a garden shed or putting in a hot tub, can also unset the root system — even if it’s more than 100 feet away.

Finally, your trees get extra stress in the summer because they have to compete for resources. As all the flora in your yard grows and thrives, they all need more water. When they don’t have enough, their growth can be stunted and they become vulnerable to diseases and pests.

How Tree Pruning Helps Ease Summer Stress

Because summer is not a normal tree-pruning season, any cutting needs to be done with great care and knowledge — and that’s why you need to call an arborist to handle this work. Otherwise, you could see significant dieback at the wounds.

The type of cutting back will depend on what’s happening with the plant. However, we look for areas of crowding, any diseased or infected branches or dead matter. We also look for any potential hazards that could cause damage during a storm.

We can also prune for shape, to help alleviate overcrowding among neighboring trees.

Some species need pruning during the summer normally, including flowering plum, walnut, aspen and cottonwood. We typically also prune water sprouts from fruit and decorative species any time they develop.

Other Methods to Alleviate Summer Stress

When we examine your trees for potential problems, we may recommend adjusting the watering schedule. We may also recommend treating for diseases or pests or applying specific fertilizers to help offset whatever is causing stress for your trees.

Don’t let the summer heat overstress your trees. Contact Reliable Tree Care today to schedule a consultation. We are located in Murray, but we provide professional arborist services throughout northern Utah. Contact us today to learn more about our summer tree pruning services.