Utah Tree Service Solutions for Common Tree Problems

Regular tree services from a certified Utah arborist can help ensure that all your trees grow healthy and strong and continue to thrive year after year. Without proper care and attention, they can develop problems such as becoming vulnerable to disease or pest infestation.

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Utah trees can struggle with a variety of challenges, ranging from soil issues to environmental conditions, injury, damage and more.

Lack of Nutrients

Growing wild in the forest, trees benefit from nutrients in the soil that is constantly enriched through the natural ecosystem. Landscaping trees, on the other hand, often suffer from nutrient deficiency.

In Utah, homeowners typically rake up and remove fallen leaves, twigs and bark, preventing the much-needed nourishment in this organic matter from breaking down and replenishing the soil. In addition, trees surrounded by grass have to compete for water and minerals. Fertilization and mulching are among the critical services that Utah arborists recommend to address a lack of nutrients in the soil.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction can occur for a variety of reasons, including heavy foot traffic, lawn mower use and construction projects. Periodic heavy rains and flooding can make the condition worse, especially if you walk on the lawn or use the mower before the ground has dried out completely.

Overly compacted soil can cause undue stress and subsequently impede healthy growth. To reduce soil compaction, your Utah arborist can employ one or more proven tree care techniques that include loosening the soil, mixing in organic matter, replacing soil around the root zone and vertical mulching.

Limited Root Space

Many trees’ roots can extend far beyond the edge of the leaf canopy in search of moisture and nutrients. Sometimes, however, the expanding roots may run into barriers, including sidewalks and structures.

When space is limited, root growth may decline along with nutrient absorption. This can cause the branches of your trees to weaken. A Utah arborist can address this problem with professional tree services that may include soil remediation, fertilization and removing girdling roots.

External Damage

Trees are often injured by lawn mowers, string trimmers and other landscape equipment. Deer, rabbits and other animals can also cause external damage, typically to the bark.

Mechanical and wildlife damage can affect how trees absorb nutrients and water. Regular inspection and tree services such as proper mulching, fertilizing and watering can optimize long-term tree health and help mitigate the effects of external damage or injuries.

Opportunistic Insects

Trees that have less-than-ideal growing conditions can become stressed, leaving them at greater risk for insect infestation.

Many pests prefer to target stressed trees. Proactive care is the best approach to preventing infestation, but an experienced, certified arborist can utilize specialty insect control treatments if opportunistic pests become a problem.

For expert assistance from a local, certified arborist team, contact Reliable Tree Care. We have the training, knowledge, skill and experience to give your trees the attention they need to thrive. To speak with an experienced arborist, contact our Murray, Utah, office today and schedule a complimentary yard evaluation and tree services estimate.