Our Certified Arborists Share 8 Tree-Care Tips for Spring

Every certified arborist knows that springtime is one of the most important seasons for tree care. Giving trees some attention in the spring helps keep them healthy and strong for the upcoming growing season.

tree-care tips for spring

Although it may not feel like it, spring is right around the corner. So we wanted to share some of our best pro tips with you for spring tree care in northern Utah.

No. 1: Check for Winter Tree Damage

Exposure to temperature fluctuations, drying winter winds and snow and ice storms can damage trees. A certified arborist can inspect trees for signs of winter injury and recommend an appropriate care and treatment regimen to minimize the effects of the damage.

No. 2: Inspect for Insects and Disease

Before leaves appear on your trees, an arborist can check the trunks and branches for disease or insect infestation. If a health hazard is identified, early treatment can prevent damage from spreading.

No. 3: Prune Dead and Damaged Branches

Winter is typically considered the best time to prune trees, as they’re dormant during the cold season. In the spring, however, an arborist can easily identify and prune away any remaining dead and damaged branches.

No. 4: Remove Trees with Critical Problems

Not even a certified arborist can save every unhealthy tree. Those that have critical problems — such as a hollow trunk, severe trunk damage or a significant lean — may need to be removed.

No. 5: Plant New Trees

Spring is a great time to plant new trees in northern Utah. A local certified arborist can evaluate your property’s soil, climate and sunlight conditions to determine which varieties are best-suited for your landscape.

No. 6: Fertilize as Needed

After the cold winter months, trees need vitamins and nutrients. Before the spring growing season arrives, an arborist can apply a slow-release fertilizer if necessary to improve resistance and encourage healthy growth.

No. 7: Apply Mulch

A layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds and protect trees from fluctuating temperatures. A certified arborist knows which type of mulches are best for northern Utah and how to properly apply them for optimum health.

No. 8: Consider Lightning Protection

As a part of spring tree care, an arborist may recommend lightning protection for certain treasured or mature trees. Installing a conductor near the top and running cables down the trunk and along the major branches to a grounding system can greatly reduce chances of lightning damage.

If you want to safeguard the health of your landscape, we recommend calling in your local arborist for seasonal maintenance — especially if you aren’t familiar with how to complete some of these tasks without harming your trees.

The certified arborist team at Reliable Tree Care, serving the greater Salt Lake City area for over 20 years, has the skill, knowledge and experience to keep your trees healthy and strong all year long.

Reliable Tree Care provides affordable, seasonal tree maintenance to homeowners and businesses throughout northern Utah. To schedule a free, comprehensive yard evaluation to discuss spring tree care with a certified arborist, contact our Murray office today.