Tree Services During the Winter? It’s the Perfect Time!

Tree services probably aren’t at the top of your winter to-do list — but perhaps they should be.

With the harsh winter weather here in northern Utah, outdoor projects often take a back burner. That’s certainly understandable, and many home and landscaping tasks can easily wait until spring arrives.

Tree Services During the Winter

Nevertheless, winter can be an ideal time to schedule professional tree services.

Without Leaves, Tree Services Are Easier

Pruning and trimming are essential for healthy trees — and these tasks are much easier to accomplish at this time of year.

Once your trees lose their leaves in the fall, the bare branches allow an arborist or tree-care professional to clearly see the tree’s entire structure. Each limb can be examined for potential damage, disease or infestation. Pruning and trimming cuts can then be precisely planned to preserve future tree health.

Trees Recover from Stress More Quickly in Winter

After shedding their leaves, trees go into a state of dormancy, shifting their energy to the root systems. As a result, they recover more quickly from the stresses of tree services.

Dormant trees are less likely to bleed sap when limbs are removed, and the cold northern Utah air can help the wound heal without a problem. Plus, since many of the insects and birds that damage vulnerable trees aren’t around in the winter, trees have a much greater chance of recovering completely from trimming and pruning cuts.

The Ground Is Firmer in the Winter

Tree care professionals often need to use heavy equipment to safely reach and remove branches that are high above the ground. Though it might sound counterintuitive, using this equipment can actually be easier in the winter.

When the ground is frozen, trucks, lifts, chippers and other tree-care equipment won’t sink into the earth and disrupt the landscaping. And as the grass is lying dormant now (and may be under a blanket of snow), the lawn is less susceptible to damage from the heavy equipment.

Professional Tree Services & Arborists Are Less Busy in Winter

The winter months might be hectic for you, but this is the slow season for tree care professionals, as most northern Utah homeowners don’t think about outdoor landscaping projects until the spring.

So at this time of year, tree care companies are usually more flexible when it comes to scheduling services. You’ll probably be able to get an appointment much sooner than you would if you wait until warmer weather arrives.

Make time for tree services this winter, and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful, healthy trees next spring. For expert care at an affordable price, homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area turn to Reliable Tree Care.

With over two decades of experience, the professionals at Reliable Tree Care understand how to keep trees growing strong. To schedule a free comprehensive yard evaluation or to learn more about our tree services, contact our Murray office today.