The 4 Rules of Utah Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Correct tree and shrub fertilization is necessary to ensure the health of your landscape and maximize the life of your plants.

You’ve invested significantly in your landscape, and giving plants proper care and nutrients helps to protect that investment. This is also the best way to keep your plants looking great throughout the growing season.

tree and shrub fertilization

In northern Utah, effective fertilization depends on selecting the correct nutrients and application method, and adhering to a regular schedule. Follow these simple rules, and your trees and shrubs will look great and effectively resist diseases and pests.

No. 1: Choose the Appropriate Nutrients for Fertilization

Our native Utah soils are generally poor and provide few of the nutrients that trees and shrubs need to thrive and grow.

Choose the right nutrients for fertilizing, and your plants will thrive. Choose the wrong ones, however, and you may damage your trees and shrubbery. Although each species has unique nutritional needs, the usual suspects of shrub and tree fertilization are nitrogen, manganese and iron.

The secret is finding the right ratio to meet each plant’s needs.

No. 2: Choose the Right Fertilization Application Method

Many types of fertilizer are sold in dry form, typically powders or granules. These products are applied evenly across the tree or shrub’s root zone. Once you apply a dry fertilizer, you must water it in enough to get the product to the plant’s roots. If you fail to water the fertilizer in properly, it may burn the grass at the surface and never reach its intended target.

Other application options include spikes that you drive into the ground and liquid fertilizers that you spray around the plant or directly onto foliage.

Arborists and plant care experts often use the injection method for fertilization, which delivers the nutrients directly to the plant’s roots. However, this method requires specialized injecting equipment.

No. 3: Follow a Shrub and Tree Fertilization Schedule

When you fertilize your trees and shrubs is almost as important as how you accomplish this task. Different species require specific nutrients in the spring, summer or fall. Younger trees and shrubs require more nutritional supplementation than their healthy, well-established counterparts.

Whatever your shrubs and trees need for fertilization, the key is consistency.

No. 4: Trust a Local Tree Care Expert for Fertilization Assistance

If you enjoy being hands-on with your garden and landscape — and if you don’t mind buying all the supplies and equipment you need — you can handle most of your fertilizing needs. However, consulting with a local arborist or tree-care expert will ensure you’re giving each tree and shrub the proper nutrients at the correct time of year.

Or, if you prefer to leave this job entirely to a professional, you can opt to have your tree-care expert take care of everything.

Reliable Tree Care, in Murray, Utah, offers our clients annual and seasonal services for fertilization, trimming and pest and disease control. When you trust us to care for your plants, you can rest easy knowing your tree and shrub fertilization is in good hands.