Why Hire a Professional Holiday Lighting Service?

professional holiday lightingTalk to a professional holiday lighting service this year, before you untangle the strands of lights and haul out the ladder. Creating a festive outdoor light display can be a huge hassle, and many northern Utah homeowners have come to realize that leaving the task to the pros is the best way to make the season bright. Here’s why you may want to start a new tradition and hire a professional service for your holiday lighting. Time Who isn’t extremely busy at this time of year? Hire a professional holiday lighting service, and you’ll have more time to enjoy the joyous season with your family and friends. Safety Hanging holiday lights on your rooftop and trees can be dangerous, and every year thousands of people suffer injuries. Let the pros take on the task, and you can

How an Expert Tree Service Can Benefit Your Utah Landscape

expert tree service landscapeMany Utah homeowners call on an expert tree service company when they have a specific need, such as insect control, disease management or removal. That makes perfect sense, of course – but effective tree care goes beyond these basic arborist services. Trees need attention to stay healthy, strong and beautiful. With expert tree service from a local certified arborist – like the Reliable Tree Care team – yours will continue to thrive for generations. Below, we explain four ways professional care can benefit your Utah landscape. Comprehensive Yard Evaluation Do you know what tree species you have on your Utah property? And do you understand how to care for them properly? During a comprehensive yard evaluation, an arborist will walk the landscape to identify the species you o

Tree Trimming and Utility Lines – What You Need to Know

As a property owner, you have control over any tree trimming that takes place. Right? Not necessarily. Your utility company has the right to trim trees on your northern Utah property – and they can do so without your permission. Actually, they don’t even have to let you know ahead of time. Why is this? As it turns out, utility companies take on trimming for a very good reason – to help prevent widespread blackouts. Tree Trimming Can Prevent Power Outages In August 2003, a utility line fault in Ohio led to a massive blackout. More than 50 million people throughout the northeast United States and Canada were left without electricity – and in many areas, power wasn’t restored until two days later. While several factors contributed to the power outage, tree overgrowth was t

Falling Trees and Property Damage – Who’s Responsible?

falling trees property damagePaying to repair property damage from falling trees can be expensive. Which leads to the question – who has to cover that cost? The answer isn’t clear-cut, as several factors come into play when determining who’s financially responsible for damage from a falling tree. However, it generally comes down to ownership and insurance coverage. Here’s what you need to know. Who Owns the Tree? To figure out who has to pay for property damage, you need to know who owns the tree. Ownership is based upon where the trunk sits. If the trunk is on your property, you’re the owner. Trees with trunks that are situated on your neighbor’s property are theirs – even if the foliage hangs over your lawn. When the trunk is directly on the property line, you and your neighbor are co-own

Do You Need a Permit for Tree Removal in Utah

permit tree removalChances are, you probably won’t need a permit for tree removal. In most cases, you don’t need anyone’s permission if you want to take down one of the trees on your northern Utah property. That said, there are some instances where the decision might not be in your hands. Some species are protected by state law, and the location of both your home and the tree could prevent you from proceeding with the removal. Permits are Necessary for Utah Heritage Species The Utah Heritage Tree Act was enacted back in 1975 to preserve the state’s scenic beauty by protecting species that are rare or have historical significance as well as specimens that have exceptional size, form or age for their species. A permit is required to remove a heritage tree, and several species are included