Mycorrhizae Treatment

Go deep …

mycorrhizae imageIt all comes down to the roots of a tree. They strive to acquire all the water and nutrients the tree needs to create food as well as anchoring an ever-growing canopy. If the roots fail their task … all is lost!

Here is the best way to lend support to the hard working roots. We inject symbiont fungus called Mycorrhizae into soil surrounding the plant roots. This fungus attaches to the roots and aids the tree in collecting and creating pockets of vital macro and micro nutrients for easy access. Having Mycorrhizae present will trigger the growth of more fibrous roots within the root ball.

Mycorrhizae Treatment Maximizes the Effectiveness of Your Roots

But wait, there’s more! We add in our special blend of macro and micro nutrient to give the Mycorrhizae a running start at maximizing the effectiveness of your tree roots.

Reliable Tree Care can help support your roots. Call our certified arborists and they can provide the perfect program for you.

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